DIY Lansangan: Tomo 1

DIY Lansangan: Tomo 1

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"DIY Sticker Serye" is a series of sticker sets that convey and portray the countless artifacts that embody the Philippines’ material culture. These stickers are an attempt to decolonize our sense of aesthetics by extracting beauty out of the everyday Filipino life and setting.

8 pcs. of varying sizes | journal, non-laminated stickers

DIY Lansangan aims to portray the creative practicality of hardworking Filipinos in designing their small businesses and livelihoods in colorful and vibrant ways. From vibrant food stalls to eye-catching signages, such elements visually contribute to the definition of what it truly means to be ‘Filipino.’

Set includes the ff:
(1” x 1 ½”) “Tubero” small signage
(0.5” x 1 ¾”) “Barya Lang Po Sa Umaga” jeepney signage
(0.5” x 1 ¾”) “Hindi Kami Tumatanggap ng Noodles at Tubig” jeepney signage
(2” x 2 ¾”) “Print Shop Services” signage
(2 ½” x 3”) Japanese Cake vendor push cart
(2 ¾” x 3 ¼”) Dirty Ice Cream vendor push cart
(3 ¼” x 3 ½”) “Tusok-Tusok” street food stall
(3” x 4”) Electric post